by Graham Jong-Il

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I dare to touch the cellar door that dwells inside my mind;
to touch the object I deplore, wondering what I'll find.

The crypt you dug with screaming rapture, cavernous and grand,
with thoughts and tongues, that swirl and capture. Intricate ampersand,

the symbol that we both dwell on, but not at either side.
The idol that I've seized upon, clambers to deride.

With both our hands laid on the table,
the glass begins to move.
The letters that we glide across
spell words that fail to sooth.

The meanings that we drag out of
each others channelled ghosts,
serve only to demonstrate
the demons within their hosts.

Kick over the table all you want darling,
the spirit's still in the room.
Blow out all the candles and scream out to God,
that Lilith will never bloom.


released June 10, 2011
Words and music by Graham Jong-Il. Some rights reserved.

Lilith (1892) by John Collier.




Graham Jong-Il Dublin, Ireland

Ukulele eroticist.

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